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Dear all,

As Andreas asked in one meeting about the possibility of attending ESI meetings given the fact that STF-524 has started working, I have asked ESI Technical Officer Sonia Compans about this. Here comes the answer:

The MoU allows one observer from OASIS. In principle no more than one observer is permitted unless the chairman agrees.
The OASIS-DSS-X chairman (you or Stefan Hagen) has to inform me about who is the nominated observer and for which topics, as I will have to create an entry in the database and identify the person as representing a partner.
This person will relay OASIS views (and not his/her company's views) and can feed back to OASIS-DSSX.
The observer can fully participate to discussions on relevant work items, can only submit contributions for information and incorporation of text from such contributions is not allowed.

This means that it would be worth to designate an observer person, and that whenever somebody else is specially interested in attending some ESI meeting, the request for allowing other attendees is sent to the ESI chair.

Now, is there any volunteer for being the DSS-X observer in ETSI ESI? Can I suggest that this volunteer is not a person that is member of both committees as a way of avoiding potential awkward personal situations?


Juan Carlos.

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