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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Sample files regarding 'structure models'

Hi Andreas,

I've not been tracking this work as actively as I wanted,  so apologies this has already been discussed.   Regarding managing XSD and JSON schema representations,   I'm wondering if you thought of an approach to generate them both from a single source format.   The UBL TC has been doing this (http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/UBL-2.1-JSON/v1.0/cnd02/UBL-2.1-JSON-v1.0-cnd02.html#json-schema), using UN/CEFACT BIEs (Business Information Entities) as source for both XSD and JSON schema, and so have other groups.

Kind Regards,


On 25-07-17 08:23, Andreas Kuehne wrote:
Hi all,

in the attached core document draft you can see the JSON schema and
element mapping sections filled properly. Comments regarding section 3
are wellcome!

My next step is the introduction of some comment areas for the elements
that will be preserved between generator runs. This will avoid the need
to manage comments in the schema file. Another topic is  JSON schema
itself. It needs some improvement but there is a mismatch in the XML and
JSON schema approaches so it's tricky to derive one from the other.


Hi Detlef,
the idea and approach is great. How much work is necessary to finish the approach for JSON?
my current approach to generate the JSON scheme is based on JAXB. This
introduces some restrictions but ensures a usable server and client
implementation for both XML and JSON. The downside is the lack of
alignment between the XML schema elements and the JSON schema artefacts.
And the JAXB output doesn't align with usual JSON schema guidelines. A
very nasty aspect is the attribute name mapping buried in an XML file in
such a tricky way that see no chance to reuse it.  
Other approaches for XML -> JSON have their specific problems, e.g. the
jsonix (http://www.jsonix.org/) project fails to build :-(
Building a XML->JSON mapping stylesheet isn't trivial but could be the
last resort.
I'll have to dig into the detail and like to come up with a solution
next week.
What else is necessary in order to make this usable together with DocBook?
Havn't worked with DocBook yet. But as a XML-based format it should be
possible to support.







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Gesendet: Freitag, 21. Juli 2017 12:41
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Betreff: [dss-x] Sample files regarding 'structure models'


Hi all,


as agreed in the last call see attached files related to the automated generation of the core's specification 'structure models' section. Theattac hed zip contains the following files:


*	Consistent schema and specification approach.odp : An overview about the generation process.
*	oasis-dss-core-schema-v1.0-os.xsd :  The current version of the dss core schema.
*	insertContent.xsl :  The stylesheet creating the 'structure models' section.
*	dss-core-v2.0-1500632109391.docx : The created core specification.

The 'Semantics' and the 'XML syntax' sections are generated from the given schema. In section 3.6 Base64DataType you can see comments inserted that are defined within the schema using the annotation/documentation tags.

The JSON schema section needs some work as some of the relevant information are not included in the schema (currently). Take it as a placeholder for now.






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