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Subject: Raw chat trace of meeting #186 on 2017-SEP-18

18:00] Stefan Hagen: 1) Welcome
[18:00] Stefan Hagen: 2) Minutes taker
[18:00] Stefan Hagen: 3) Rollcall
[18:00] Stefan Hagen: we are quorate as registered on event page
[18:00] Stefan Hagen: 4) Agenda
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: Agenda approve ed unchanged as published
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: 5. Approval of minutes from previous calls
5.1 Minutes from call #184 on 2017-09-04:
URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/61499/dssx-184-draft-minutes-shagen-20170904.txt
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: Approved minutes unchanged as published
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: 6) core
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: 6.1 Mitigation of protocol level threats
6.1.1 Defending against "Exploiting the use of canonicalization as content extractor"
Discussion on "To embed or not to embed XML fragments"
[18:03] Stefan Hagen: JCC presents his feedback on the discussion
[18:04] Stefan Hagen: JCC mentions some differences in understanding of InlineXML inside signature
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: JCC enveloping and detached signatures make a difference in processing
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: JCC there is owhwere stated in DSS Core that one MUST use ExclCanaonic in that case
[18:13] Stefan Hagen: All discuss the remaining open claim, based on the possibility of extraction
[18:45] Stefan Hagen: All agree to continue focused discussion during next call.
[18:45] Stefan Hagen: 6.2 Conversion and validation tools for the DOCX, JSON, and XSD "triangle"
6.2.1 Proposal / Analysis from Andreas Kuehne
URL = https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dss-x/201708/msg00102.html
[18:46] Stefan Hagen: Andreas shortly describes his XSLT work for interconnecting XSD and DOCX contents and would be happy if the group could agree on the format of the produced snippets
[18:47] Stefan Hagen: JCC likes the look
[18:47] Stefan Hagen: Stefan regrets to not have looked inside and will give feedback next meeting
[18:48] Stefan Hagen: Andreas further describes regions in the documents, (green areas) where preservation across transformation steps is guaranteed
[18:53] Stefan Hagen: 7. Profiles
[18:53] Stefan Hagen: Andreas maybe next meeting will show application of the prototypical tools on a profile
[18:54] Stefan Hagen: verification profile
[18:54] Stefan Hagen: Nothing else
[18:54] Stefan Hagen: 8. Next meeting
Suggested to meet again on 2017-OCT-02 (usual bi-weekly schedule)
[18:54] Stefan Hagen: 9. AOB
[18:54] Stefan Hagen: Andreas reports on the remote signing meeting in London; meeting as arranged by Nick Pope
[18:55] Stefan Hagen: Andreas could present our local signing profit and Detlefs contribution the chip signing protocol
[18:55] Stefan Hagen: Andreas received positive feedback and he mentioned the belgian work where the local signature profile originated from
[18:56] Stefan Hagen: Andreas further reports from the Cloud Signing Consortium was some info but no presentation, as legal steps seem to be in progress still
[18:56] Stefan Hagen: JCC did not receive any result on our request with regard to the liaison check among ETSI and OASIS
[18:56] Stefan Hagen: JCC so still ongoing
[19:01] Stefan Hagen: Meeting adjourned

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