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Subject: Farewell

Dear all,

On January 2018 the OASIS membership of UPC will expire and will not be renewed. That membership has been payed during all these years from budgets of projects that I was responsible of. But a change in my research activities and priorities and its corresponding impact in budgetary priorities will lead to not renew the UPC membership. I would have liked to make this announcement in person in the next DSS-X meeting. However, the Spanish public national health system  has scheduled for the next 3 or 4 weeks physiotherapy sessions at 19:00 CET for me: I have not been able to change them as there was not other alternative. This makes it quite dificult to attend the next Monday call.

As editor of  ETSI TS 119 442 I will nevertheless be involved for some time in activities directly related to DSS-X as ETSI member, and hope that the close cooperation among both entities will continue without problems as it has happened so far.

I can only say that it has been a privilege for me to be co-chair of this committee during all these years, and deeply thank all of you for the excelent work done, the good moments and the amount of things that I have learned.

I wish the DSS-X TC and to all of you the best of success.

Warmest regards

Juan Carlos.

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