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Subject: Raw chat trace of meeting #189 on 2017-DEC-11

[18:12] Stefan Hagen: 1. Welcome by the chair (Stefan Hagen)
[18:12] Stefan Hagen: 2. Minutes taker
All write into the chat, Stefan assembles and uploads into document area.
[18:12] Stefan Hagen: 3. Roll call
[18:12] Stefan Hagen: Andreas, Ernst-Jan and Stefan present -> quroum reached
[18:13] Stefan Hagen: Juan Carlos and Detlef sent regrets
[18:13] Stefan Hagen: 4. Approval of the agenda
[18:13] Stefan Hagen: Agenda approved
[18:13] Stefan Hagen: 5. Approval of minutes from previous calls
5.1 Minutes from call #199 on 2017-11-27:
URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/62103/chat_trace_kavi.txt
[18:14] Stefan Hagen: Minutes approved unchanged as puvblished
[18:14] Stefan Hagen: 6. Message from Juan Carlos Cruellas
6.1 Thank You and Farewell!
URL = https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/201712/msg00000.html
[18:16] Stefan Hagen: Stefan expresses his gratitude for all contributions from Juan Carlos and wishes him farewell and hopes for future good collaboration across other SDO boundaries
[18:17] Stefan Hagen: Andreas also regrets Juan Carlos announcement of resignation and appreciates all the many contributions by Juan Carlos and the collaboration
[18:18] Stefan Hagen: All hope, that there maybe will be a mode of continued collaboration, as Juan C Carlos' contributions are very important to the new core version and upcoming profiles in the sometimes diverging and difficult inter-SDO landscape
[18:26] Stefan Hagen: 7. Core v2.0 issues discussion
7.1 Split of core schema in gateway/server and only-server
[18:28] Stefan Hagen: Andreas and Detlef worked together on a first split proposal
[18:28] Stefan Hagen: Stefan welcomes the first draft, but will have to look into it with more reflection until the next meeting
[18:31] Stefan Hagen: Stefan takes the action, to submit these draft / calendar documents to kavi, so that they are available
[18:31] Stefan Hagen: Andreas kindly suggests, that he will upload after inspection of the draft revisions
[18:31] Stefan Hagen: 7.2 Editorial topics
[18:32] Stefan Hagen: No editorial topics on core (all busy working forward)
[18:34] Stefan Hagen: Andreas will send around a new draft revision including verification the next days, so all can review before the next meeting
[18:38] Stefan Hagen: All discuss in topic core, if we can avoid offering a rewritten xmldsig schema, that currently seems to be the only working way for JSON to Java conversion
[18:32] Stefan Hagen: 8. Profiles
[18:32] Stefan Hagen: Ernst Jan awaits a first proposal on profile from Detlef
[18:42] Stefan Hagen: 9. Next meeting
Suggested to meet again on 2018-JAN-08 (usual bi-weekly schedule but skipping christmas)
[18:42] Stefan Hagen: All agree
[18:43] Stefan Hagen: 10. AOB
[18:43] Stefan Hagen: Happy holidays!
[18:43] Stefan Hagen: Meeting adjourned

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