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Subject: Re: DSS-X 2.0 core version

Hi Andreas and all,
On 22/12/17 21:40, Andreas Kuehne wrote:
> please see the 'Christmas edition' of the DSS-X 2.0 core version
> attached. It contains the new core specification in the editable and
> 'final' version (no green 'edit' areas) and the related schema files.
> This version represents the approach with separated 'base' and 'core'
> schemes. The introduction sections got some additional stuff explaining
> this. Please have a critical look at it. Furthermore I morphed the way
> the processing step are detailed from an textual approach to a coarse
> grained BPMN representation (sections 4 & 5). Please check this for
> correctness and  perceivability.

THis is already looking refrehsingly different! Thank you! The sections 4 and 5 do not fully make me bristle, as most microscopic nested enumeration constructs have gone for the better.

I think we sometimes should let the flow go downward, to ease display of lengthy sequences with many optional  loops, so we maximize linear flow display.

Also - as to be expected from the massive translation task - there are still some references to those "as in steb b." and friends, but we will do away with those in the new year!

I hope we can split the XML and JSON snippets into their respective coherent sections.

The split schema is also I think of great releif for everyone!

Maybe some details will have to be adjusted what will go where, but this looks like a promising cut / split.

> Merry Christmas and happy new year,
> Andreas

Thank you again, Andreas, and merry Christmas and a happy New Year to You all.

Stefan is closing now most of his community services (for this year) ;-)


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