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Subject: Re: [dss-x] self-describing DSS-X instances

Hi Andreas,

Were can I find the 2.0 XML schema?

I would like to check whether a "Remote Signature" profile with message-level integrity protection could be easily defined against the new 2.0 proposal.

Kind Regards,

On 01/24/2018 12:47 PM, Andreas Kuehne wrote:
Hi all,

the current version of the base schema includes a set of types to to
self-decribe the DSS-X server instance (e.g. the DescriptionType). There
are similiar concepts around, a popular one is HATEOS.

So I would consider to separate this topic from the DSS-X specification.
Like the TLS details included in core version 1.0 that outdated quickly
the evolving area of instance meta information may render our
specification effort useless.

What's your view on this?



Frank Cornelis
e-Contract.be BVBA

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