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Subject: Raw Minutes Chat for meeting #205 on 2018-03-05

[17:59] anonymous morphed into ernst jan
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: Sorry I am late ...
[18:01] Stefan Hagen: Sorry I am late ...
[18:02] Stefan Hagen: 1. Welcome by the chair (Stefan Hagen) to meeting #205 of OASIS DSS-X TC on 2018-MAR-05 17:00 UTC
[18:04] Stefan Hagen: 2. Minutes taker
All write into the chat, Stefan assembles and uploads into document area.

3. Roll call
[18:04] Stefan Hagen: Qurorum reached 3/4 voting members: AK, EJvN, SH
[18:04] Stefan Hagen: 4. Approval of the agenda
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: Approved unchanged as published
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: 5. Approval of minutes from previous calls
5.1 Minutes from call #204 on 2018-02-19:
URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/62548/chat_trace_dss_kavi.txt
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: Approved unchanged as published
[18:05] Stefan Hagen: 6. Roadmap for 2018
6.1 Milestone DSS 2.0 Core/Base/MVP CSD01/CS01 stage
6.2 Milestone DSS 2.0 Popular Profiles CSD01 stage
6.3 Milestone DSS 2.0 other normative stages
6.4 Milestone DSS 2.0 supportive but supplementary non-normative materials
[18:07] Stefan Hagen: ad 6.1 removal request of two components temporarily added to base, namely: Info, and Description
[18:08] Stefan Hagen: AK: Discussion among AK and DH, with respect to self-describing aspects, one idea is to add these generic fields (components) to hook then adding completely new elements and anchor that inside these info and description components. An alternative (and preferred method to AK would be) to use RDF
[18:09] Stefan Hagen: EJvN: Is there some preference or need received from vendors ? Suggests to request a use case description from DH or otherwise postpone it
[18:11] Stefan Hagen: All discuss
[18:16] Stefan Hagen: All lean towards out of band channel like RDF like say "a server MAY offer RDF to ..."
[18:17] Stefan Hagen: SH: Without use case, sees protocol level vulnerabilities due to weakly typed payload containers a client must parse, and thus say when being typo squatted could be attacked
[18:18] Stefan Hagen: 7. Core 2.0 issues discussion
7.1 Maintenance tasks
[18:21] Stefan Hagen: AK: In the meantime repaired the loss of newlines nit
[18:23] Stefan Hagen: SH: Takes action to after the meeting to the latest before the nextt meeting, to work on prose in core, i.e. in some parts prototypically try to restore a also readable english prose
[18:23] Stefan Hagen: ... I think for now, we are often repeating terms and the stuff reads very mechanic - like software documentation
[18:26] Stefan Hagen: SH: Plan to receive feedback if useful, much more readable, wrongified or so next meeting or to the latest after next meeting through the filing list.
[18:28] Stefan Hagen: 7.2 Topology of schemas - structure and relation
[18:28] Stefan Hagen: Nothing new
[18:28] Stefan Hagen: 7.3 Editorial topics
7.3.1 Use of xs:any in DSS 2.0
7.3.2 Strategy for Mix-In of third party schema references
7.3.3 Workproduct organization
7.3.4 Info and Description in dsb
[18:29] Stefan Hagen: All agreed and resolved in previous meetings, will remove from future agenda drafts (7.3.4 was a misplaced entry, already discussed and proposed a resolution in 6.1
[18:30] Stefan Hagen: 8. Profiles
[18:30] Stefan Hagen: EJvH: DH sent around the updated local signature profile including the chip gateway, will have to read more and give feedback until next meeting - first impression is, it looks good!
[18:31] Stefan Hagen: 9. Next meeting
Suggested to meet again on 2018-MAR-19 (usual bi-weekly schedule)
[18:32] Stefan Hagen: All agree
[18:33] Stefan Hagen: 10. AOB
[18:34] Stefan Hagen: AK: DH sent around the current versions from ESI drafts on remote signing - DSS is included but Andreas will need to read in more detail and it is not the easiest read of course, as it is advertised as "early draft" the fresher the better 
[18:37] Stefan Hagen: AK: Started to work on producing an OpenAPI specification from our work products, and although the task is not finished (not yet fully automated) there is hope, and it seems to be a meaningful endeavour and even might have a high ROI
[18:40] Stefan Hagen: AK: From our JSON we can also produce YAML (side effect of "swaggering" the JSON what is now known as the OpenAPI Hub
[18:41] Stefan Hagen: Meeting adjourned by chair

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