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Subject: Re: [dss-x] question regarding the structure of profile documents


to me this is the same pending topic as with the core and the generic / JSON / XML tracks stored alternating or per "language" (and what is best for reading and for writing / maintaining) ... and who is the audience.

I already sent first questions on how to offer multiple views on the same authoritative source (not format, but re-ordered!) to the tab colleagues while we are in the process of agreeing on the next section of the editor handbook where we deal with guidance on the slicing and cutting of work products ...

So in the end, I *hope* we will have zero redunancy in our writer documents, but all ease of read redundancy imaginable and practically possible for the customers.

Along the lines of:

As JSON implementer, I do not care about any XML stuff (or maybe not even about our bracketing / guding semantics / generic concepts ... why am I forced to jump to every third section diving through different section levels also :-?

Happy Easter to all from Central Switzerland - the feat on the ground, the head in the clouds :-)


Am 31.03.18 um 18:07 schrieb Andreas Kuehne:
Hi Detlef,

thanks for your quick reply!
I would suggest that the profile documents do not create redundant
text (which in the end might be hard to maintain), but only refer to the base documents
(Core, other profiles).
Yes, redundancy is evil! But we could trade in some convenience as the
referred section would be easy to navigate to. And the redundant parts
will be derived from an authoritative source.
Leaving with the reader with "refer to DSS core, section 'Any'" feels a
bit unpleasant.  Or is there a way to build a link to a section within
another Word document? I haven't found this option.


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Betreff: [dss-x] question regarding the structure of profile documents

Hi all,

I'm just working on the Verification report profile specification to have a version to share with STF 524. Here I came a cross a structural question of a profile document. Especially the Verification profile has many references to the core and other profiles (e.g. AdES profile), 38 components defined in Verification profile, 105 components referenced.
Should all these referenced elements explained within the profile document? If yes, should the element be fully explained or just be a reference to another document?

>From an implementation point of view the 'full' version is easy to build but it tends to be quite lengthy. On the other hand looking up referenced elements within other documents is quite inconvenient for the reader. See my 'full' working draft attached. Opinions welcome!

Have nice holidays,


Andreas Kühne
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