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Subject: Quick Poll for Async Protocol: Standalone profile or sub-section in the core?

Hi all,

here is a question that nags me for some time:

Should we keep the Async Profile or should we merge it into the core?

There are good reasons for both:

Into the core:

- async is used by many applications

- async is quit small compared to the profile

- It is nasty to deal with a separate profile for this little functionality

Separate profile:

- Focus the core on the 'minimal viable product'

- Don't irritate readers with details they may never use

- Async describes a quite simple way to solve the requirement. Other
solutions may show up

What's your opinion?

Greetings and have nice early-summer weekend,


Andreas Kühne 
phone: +49 177 293 24 97 
mailto: kuehne@trustable.de

Trustable Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland Gartenheimstr. 39C - 30659 Hannover Amtsgericht Hannover HRB 212612

Director Andreas Kühne

Company UK Company No: 5218868 Registered in England and Wales 

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