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Subject: Fwd: Given the frustration of MS Word and DSS2 Core CSD01, what about Markdown?


-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------
Betreff: Re: Given the frustration of MS Word and DSS2 Core CSD01, what about Markdown?
Datum: Fri, 5 Oct 2018 11:48:04 +0200
Von: akuehne <akuehne@trustable.eu>
Antwort an: kuehne@trustable.de
An: Stefan Hagen <stefan@dilettant.eu>, Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org>
Kopie (CC): paul.knight@oasis-open.org, Andreas Kuehne* <kuehne@trustable.de>

Hi Stefan,
> Strengthened by the relaxed timeline for CSD02 production of DSS v2 Core due to the material changes suggested by the commenters ...
> I would love to try out the shiny markdown approach for this work product
> Despite Pauls and before my efforts to tame the word dragon for csd01 
> We received many comments requesting changes.
> The TCs currently working with markdown all seem to be so happy, want to be that too :-)
> How can I try and who might give me hints or pointers to the sample repo or tool chain needed / used?
> Note, i had to take over the word document in complete manual rework mode, despite our generators for syncing in the schema parts my hope is, that Andreas can for the next revisions agin provide the automatic code snippet and comment to prose transforms targeting the more content oriented markdown source.
agreeing with you that Word is more of a curse than a help for the
editor I happily jump any train leaving 'Word City'.

But I struggle a bit to adopt our current workflow to the Markdown approach:
The Schema-generated parts of the Word document contain 'drop-ins' to
add additional / explanatory texts for every component and element. How
could such a feature be represented using markdown? I didn't find any
way to have a text block decorated with arbitrary information. I used
{{meta information} content} as a sample,e.g.:

    ## Component Any

    {{Any, general section} This element MAY hold a set of base64
    encoded arbitrary data. To help the processing of the data it may be
    qualified by the mime type element.}

    Below follows a list of the sub-components that MAY be present
    within this component:

    A set of sub-components is inherited from component Base64Dataand is
    not repeated here.

    ### Non-normative Comment
    {{Any, non-norm section} This component was introduced in DSS core
    version 1.0 and is used as a placeholder for arbitrary data. In
    version 1.0 there were different ways defined to represent the data,
    e.g. as inline XML, encapsulated XML or base64 encoded. The
    expansion of the scope to different syntaxes limits the options to
    base64 encoded data or attachments as represented in Base64Data. In
    this version the component Anydoes not use additional subcomponents.}

The content in these 'special' sections is edited manually and intended
to be preserved between generator runs. Is there a mechanism available
in Markdown to solve this requirement?

Thanks in advance,


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