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Subject: Fwd: ENISA Trust Services Forum - New Opportunities for trust services

Hi colleagues,

next week I'll take part in a panel discussion on the topic of remote signing. See attached my slides regarding DSS-X's activities and the FutureTrust implementation.

The organization likes to know about our statements / questions related to emote signing solutions (see topic 3. in the mail below).

These topics came to my mind:

- Standardization is important for these use cases to ensure interoperability.

- Trust between different components is crucial. The EU Trust List may be helpful.

- Adoption by the government portals is critical for the success for public acceptance.

- Funding of audited open source components could lower the threshold.

Do you have other interesting statements / questions? Comments appreciated by noon, tomorrow, 17.10. !

Thanks you in advance,


-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------
Betreff: ENISA Trust Services Forum - New Opportunities for trust services
Datum: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 07:23:12 +0000
Von: Evgenia Nikolouzou <Evgenia.Nikolouzou@enisa.europa.eu>
An: Nguyen Dr., Kim <Kim.Nguyen@bdr.de>, Andrea Rock <andrea.rock@universign.com>, Andreas Kuehne <kuehne@trustable.de>, Ronald De Temmerman <ronald.detemmerman@globalsign.com>
Kopie (CC): Slawomir Gorniak <Slawomir.Gorniak@enisa.europa.eu>

Dear all,

On behalf of ENISA I would like to thank you for accepting to join us at 4th Trust Services Forum, on October 23rd, and participate at Panel Discussion : " New Opportunities for trust services - remote signing" that will take place from 15:30 until 16:30. 

On behalf of the organizers I will be moderating the panel and the invited panellists are: Mr. Kim Nguyen (D-Trust), Mr. Andreas Kuehne (OASIS, trustable), Mrs. Andrea Rock (Universign, ETSI STF 539), and Mr. Ronald De Temmerman (GlobalSign).

Concerning the organization of this 60-minute panel discussion, I would propose the following time plan:
1.	Introduction of the panel topic and introduction of the panellists to the audience by the moderator (~ 2 minutes).
2.	A short opening statement by each of you of no more than 6 minutes to explain your point of views/situation concerning the adoption of QWACS. For this time slot, you can even present some slides in order to make it more attractive for the audience. 
3.	Based on your expertise, I'll be very grateful if you could send to me a couple of issues/questions to be addressed during the panel. Please find below an indicative list of areas:

a.	What are the new market opportunities for remote signing solutions and products? What the main obstacles against their growth?
b.	Audit problems and audit requirements. Is there a need for a harmonised checklist from CABs during the assessment about the QSCD management environment? 
c.	Are there any authentication / authorization issues concerning the user enrolment on the remote signatures service?
d.           Policy / Security Requirements for TSPs providing Remote Signature Creation

4.	In the remaining time (15 minutes the max), the audience will be invited to provide any further questions. All panel members will be asked to address them and at the same time to take advantage to summarize any key points.
The agenda of the event is available under https://www.enisa.europa.eu/events/tsforum-caday-2018/tsf-cad-2018-agenda. 

I would appreciate if you could send me the question(s) as well as the slides (in case you have) by Wednesday (17.10.2018) midday.  

I would like to thank you, once more, for your participation and looking forward to an interesting discussion.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

Dr Evgenia Nikolouzou
Data Security & Standardization Unit
ENISA - European Union Agency for Network and Information Security
1 Vas. Sofias & Meg. Alexandrou, 15124 Marousi, Attica, Greece
Tel: +306985051405, +302814409582
Visit our new website www.enisa.europa.eu


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