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Subject: Re: [dss-x] DSSX-30: set cardinality of ReturnAugmentedSignature to 0..1

Hi, just some thoughts..

If the server returns just one augmented signature, which signature does it choose? Just the first one? (Did we define "the first one"?) Or the last one? Why? It seems arbitrary: either we specify/indicate which one or we return 'all of them' (which seems the implicit default).. in that case 0..* still has to be used.

If the input document should not be modified, for whatever reason, than your really must be able to return all augmented signatures... (so, it is not just a matter of reducing 'complexity' if we would use 0..1).

What actually is the meaning of having multiple INPUT elements ReturnAugmentedSignature? I do not find a clear description in the dss2 document..


Ernst Jan

Andreas Kuehne wrote:
Hi all,

while walking thru the open topics I came across


JC asks us to reduce the cardinality of ReturnAugmentedSignature to 0..1 .

Does it make sense (in some environments) to request more than one
distinct augmentations at a time? Maybe in the area of storage-free



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