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Subject: Latest version of DSS-X core CSPRD 02

Hi all,

please take a look at the CD package (DOCX and the schemes)(attachend
and on https://github.com/oasis-tcs/dss-x-spec ). All currently know
issues should be fixed.

Please check the intra-document references. We got a specific bug ticket
for it!

After receiving a (hopefully positve feedback) I'll start a ballot for
going for the public review period.



Andreas KÃhne 
phone: +49 177 293 24 97 
mailto: kuehne@trustable.de

Trustable Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland Gartenheimstr. 39C - 30659 Hannover Amtsgericht Hannover HRB 212612

Director Andreas KÃhne

Company UK Company No: 5218868 Registered in England and Wales 

Attachment: csprd02.zip
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