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dss-x message

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Subject: raw minutes

1. Welcome by the Chairs (Andreas / Ernst Jan)

2. Minutes taker
All write into the chat(http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/dss-x), Andreas assembles and uploads into document area.

3. Roll call
Detlef, Andreas present

4. Approval of the agenda
all:agenda approved

5. Approval of minutes from previous calls

5.1 Minutes from call #235 on 2019-22-07:
URL = "" target="_blank" href="https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=65812&wg_abbrev=dss-x">https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=65812&wg_abbrev=dss-x


6. DSS-X documents

6.1 Progress of DSS-X Core 
- CS package uploaded: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=65406&wg_abbrev=dss-x
- Resolution log core 2.0 added https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/email/archives/201906/msg00042.html
- 2. ballot succeeded: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/email/archives/201907/msg00001.html
- publication succeeded!

asap after publication of the core
- publication of CVE
- upload CS to SwaggerHub
- use FutureTrust's implementation as backend

comments received

The topics are reflected in the following items:

https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-56 The transformation of XML-Choice loses information
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-57 Element name capitalization
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-58 Numbers in element names
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-59 Date/Date-time modelling in JSON
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-60 Binary content representation
https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/DSSX-61 xs:anyURI as a formatted string

all: tickets commented, DSSX-57 and DSSX-59 need fix asap

andreas: Will setup a ballot for an updated core version.
CORS header aligment - chat is taken care, presumably a oasis-wide solution around the corner all: appreciated a general solution 6.2 Progress to DSS-X Metadata Public Review - CS package uploaded: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=65407&wg_abbrev=dss-x - 2. ballot succeeded: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-x/email/archives/201907/msg00001.html - publication succeeded! - schema reference to DSS-X core does point to the 'official' location - need to produce a new draft! Snippet from chet's mail: 'The errata process only applies to OASIS Standards so yes, what the TC will need to do is produce a new draft incorporating the fixed schema, release it for a 15-day public review, and then approve it as CS02. Sorry but that is what the rules require.' andreas: aligned metadata schema checked successful. Ballot with updated core. 7. Profiles Evidence, JSON Signature and X.509 profiles next for CD. 8. Next meeting Suggested to meet again on 2019-Sep-09 (usual bi-weekly schedule again) Note: Starting at 17:00 local time in Central Europe 9. AOB Wikipedia entry Detlef: May contribute text fragments Data Protection Workshop: https://privacyworkshop19.oasis-open.org/en/ DSS-X user servey Detlef: shifted to next call ÂNew members - status of tubitak
andreas: no news

Andreas KÃhne 

Chair of OASIS DSS-X
phone: +49 177 293 24 97 
mailto: kuehne@trustable.de

Trustable Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland Gartenheimstr. 39C - 30659 Hannover Amtsgericht Hannover HRB 212612

Director Andreas KÃhne

Company UK Company No: 5218868 Registered in England and Wales 

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