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Subject: [dss] For Consideration

Title: For Consideration

The Statement of Purpose for the Digital Signature Services Technical Committee explicitly lists three potential deliverables.  The first is "a protocol for a digital signature creation web service."  Second is " a protocol for a centralized digital signature verification web service that can verify signatures in relation to a given policy set."  Finally, in order to support proper verification of digital signatures a "protocol to produce cryptographic time stamps that can be used for determining whether or not a signature was created within the associated public key's validity period or before revocation" was listed.

In this light, as an FYI to the potential members of the group I would like to submit the attached documents to be considered at the first meeting.  They describe protocols that we have developed at Entrust to achieve the objectives above.  It is hoped that these documents can be used as a basis for discussion at the first meeting.

Note that OASIS rules are clear that no technical discussion may occur on the mailing list before the first TC meeting.  Thus, we should refrain from discussing these documents until that time.

Entrust accepts the OASIS rules on contributions to a TC.   We are not aware of any IPR on this submission.


        Robert Zuccherato.

<<Dig Sig Ver Input.doc>> <<Dig sig input.doc>> <<Time stamp input.doc>>

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