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Subject: [dss] First Meeting Agenda

Title: First Meeting Agenda

Agenda for Digital Signature Services Technical Committee First Meeting

Date:  Monday, December 2, 2002, 1:00-3:00 pm Eastern time.
Dial-In Information:  +1 613 688 3270   passcode 733 823#

1.  Welcome by chair.
2.  Roll call.
3.  Review of OASIS TC process and IPR policy.
4.  Review of TC charter and schedule.
5.  Establish standing rules for the TC.
6.  Selection of roles (secretary, editors, webmaster)
7.  Discussion of Security Joint Committee and selection of liaisons.
8.  Set meeting schedule and request meeting hosts.
9.  Submission of input documents.
        -Entrust input documents.
        -Do we need a "Call for inputs"?
10.  Any other business.
11.  Close.

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