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Subject: RE: [dss] Object naming guidelines

At 05:25 PM 9/4/2003 -0400, Tim Moses wrote:

>Trevor - Good feedback.  I'll update the document with the non-contentious
>points and wait for discussion of any contentious ones.
>- The new OASIS Procedure changes the name from Committee Specification to
>Committee Draft.

ah, right.

>- In the interests of brevity, I don't mind the abbreviation 'wd'.  What do
>other want?

Now that "draft" is ambiguous with "Working Draft" and "Committee Draft", 
"wd" is probably best.

>- You are right, I haven't taken account of different kinds of draft: those
>that are recognized as committee drafts and those that are simply
>contributions.  We should deal with that.

I assume you don't mean "Committee Draft" in the official OASIS sense.  I 
was just talking about distinguishing:
  - Working Drafts which are TC consensus (i.e. Requirements Doc)
  - Working Drafts which are individual submissions

We could just tag names to the latter, i.e. "wd-moses", "wd-perrin"...


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