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Subject: Re: [dss] Draft 02 of the object naming guidelines

At 03:31 PM 9/5/2003 -0400, Tim Moses wrote:

>Colleagues - Here is the second draft of the object naming guidelines,
>incorporating the best of the ideas discussed on the list.  Maybe, we can
>consider adoption of these guidelines during our teleconference on Monday
>(item 7 on the agenda).  All the best.  Tim.

Looks good, though I didn't see it mentioned that "Part" could be omitted 
on docs applicable to all the TC's activities?

Would these be good names for our current docs? -




oasis-dss-1.0-core-spec-cruellas-01    [1]
oasis-dss-1.0-core-schema-cruellas-01    [2]
(The first would be Juan Carlos' document from 9/4.  The second would 
combine Juan Carlos' proposals for Signing and Verifying into a single schema).


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