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Subject: Re: [dss] FW: Here is the TimeStamp scope question to post to the list.

At 09:22 PM 9/16/2003 -0400, Rich Salz wrote:
>Does the reasoning make sense?

I think so, let me try to rephrase and interpret a bit.

You'd like to see a sorta "micro-core" which has the *bare minimum* 
required to process signatures.  Maybe this is just the ability to send 
document(s) and get back a signature/signed document or verification response?

Then everything else would be relegated to options, and profiles would 
mix-in some set of options into the micro-core?

If this makes sense, what exactly do you see in the micro-core?  For 
example, where would you allocate these things -
  - RequestID (to correlate requests/responses)
  - ClaimedIdentity (the requestor's identity)
  - IntendedAudience (who the signature is meant for)
  - KeySelector (which key to use)
  - SignedProperties/UnsignedProperties (explicit properties to add into 
  - SignaturePlacement (where to stick the signature)
  - SignatureContents (what the signature covers, and what transforms to 
apply to each thing)
  - OutputOptions (what outputs to return - just the signature?  the 
document containing the signature?  The post-transformed Input documents?)

I'm just curious what's the bare essentials you think our "core" or 
"micro-core" or whatever should support.


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