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Subject: Draft minutes of Sept. 22 teleconference

DRAFT MINUTES; please send corrections to Burt Kaliski

DSS Conference call, 22 September 2003

 1. Welcome by chair.

* Juan-Carlos Cruellas welcomed participants at about 12:05pm Eastern time.

 2. Person for taking minutes of the meeting

* Burt Kaliski took minutes.

 3. Roll Call.

* Voting members (13):

  Dimitri Andivahis
  Juan Carlos Cruellas
  David Finkelstein
  Steve Gray
  Burt Kaliski
  Pieter Kasselman
  Andreas Kuehne
  John Messing
  Trevor Perrin
  Nick Pope
  John Ross
  Rich Salz
  Krishna Yellepeddy

* We had quorum.

 4. Approval of Agenda

* Agenda was approved without objection.

 5. Minutes of DSS TC Face to Face Meeting 8 September 2003 Krishna

 5.1 Approval

* Minutes were approved without objection (moved by Rich Salz, seconded by
Nick Pope).

 5.2 Outstanding actions (see below)

* See below.

 6. Core Schema & Extensions
6.1 Separating Basic Core from Extension - Basic approach

and following exchanges with regards to this issue, including
proposals for XML schemas.

* General consensus on the approach of defining the protocol in terms of a
minimal core, with extensions. Rich Salz, Trevor Perrin commented on the
approaches they have been promoting on the mailing list, and which are

* Juan-Carlos Cruellas recommends to do a "proof of concept" to ensure that
basic core doesn't contradict any required extensions.

* John Messing asks how the hash-storage approach proposed by the National
Conf. of U.S. State Judges would be accommodated within the proposed
framework, since it doesn't have an X.509-style digital signature. The TC
needs to consider this issue further.

6.2 Discussion on what is in core & Extensions

(Including time-stamp options from Ed & encapsulted subset of data.)

* Core and extensions will initially be in one document. This will
facilitate assessment of interactions between core and extensions.

6.3 Extension mechanism

6.4 Short term plan

* TC will agree on core via mailing list discussions over the next two
weeks. Core will be reviewed at the next teleconference, extensions
discussed afterwards.

6.5 Implicit parameters

* What are parameters implied by? Access point, authentication principal,
policy, ...? This depends on how implicit parameters are communicated. TC
will discuss over the next two weeks.

NEW ACTION 23: Nick Pope to start a discussion of alternatives for handling
implicit paramaters.

7. Any other business

* No other business.

8. Close

* Adjourned at 12:47pm Eastern time.


 Action 17: Nick to send text to list acknowledging that the XKMS response
 meets our needs;
 then will forward to XKMS group. Since no one had any problems with the
 response Nick drafted, he will forward his
 response to the XKMS group.

* Done.

 Action  20. Krishna Yellepeddy to send a note to list regarding Requestor
 (section 3.3.2) in DSS Use Case Requirements  Analysis document. He will
 elaborate  on the different kinds of names from X.509 certificate that a
 DSS would need to handle.

* Krishna will post the note this week.

 Action 21:  John  Messing to send a note to list describing   the approach
 for electronic
  filing and signing and verification  of documents  to be adopted by
 Federal and state courts.

* Done. John clarified that the approach has been developed by the National
Conference of U.S. State Court Judges, and has been submitted to the
American Bar Association.


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