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Subject: XAdES signature interoperability event

Dear all,

Just these few lines to inform you that ETSI 
(European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
has organized an interoperability event on XML
Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES), which
as you know, is an ETSI  Technical Specification.

In this event, different software tools will generate, exchange
and verify XAdES signatures in order to check interoperability.

Should you be interested in details or attend such event, or
even know of other parties that could be intersted in it,
you can find such a details in the URLs below:

The first one gives a glimpse of the calendar for the interoperability
events ETSI organizes:


The second one is the home page of XAdES interop event. 
You can find there its objectives, targetted attendees profiles' , etc:



Juan Carlos

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