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dss message

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Subject: DSS documents Editorship

Dear all,

In our last conference call it was raised the point that Trevor commented
that it would be impossible for him to keep the editorship responsabilities.

This message intends to be a clarification of the current situation as well
as a request for volunteers to take these responsabilities.

Nick and myself have identified the following 4 main documents that will 
new editor:

1. DSS core document
2. Timestamping profile
3. Roadmap
4. Comments tracking document (new: we raised the point of its need in the
last conf call).

It is our opinion that it would be good if the person who takes 1. could
also take editorship of 4, as a great number of comments should refer to
the core...

Now we would like to ask you to consider if it would be possible for
you take the editorship responsability of any of the aforementioned 
If this is the case, could you please send your response replying this 

It is, finally, a matter of justice to express our thanks to Trevor by 
the great
job that he has been doing since the beginning of the group and the debt 
that the
group has with him.


Juan Carlos.

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