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Subject: Re: [dss] XMLData opaqueness ?

Ed, I am not familiar with the library you mention.
I know that there are others that seem to behave in
different way. I am using JDOM, for instance, and there
if you add to an element a xml tree as content, the '<' and
the '>' are kept and you can see the tree within the element.
Obviously this alternative would not allow to include the
PI <?xml....> .... What you mention seems to me as if you
had ordered to the library to add the XML document as TEXT
content to the element, which forces the escaping of all the
'<' and '>'... and this brings me back to my question: could you try
to put within the xml document an element with some text that
has some &lt; (ie an escaped '<') and then see if when reading the
parser is able to rebuild the original document?

Juan Carlos.
Edward Shallow wrote:

>  I am bringing this up because this is exactly what my parser is doing
>(with encoding=None) when I build the XML request document. Because I am
>building by setting node content, the library (libxml2) knows what is
>structure and what is content. When I serialize the parsed object in order
>to prepare to send it to the DSS Server, it substitutes the escapes only in
>the node containing the XML content.
>  My server happily parses the request (with the XML in the XMLData node).
>Then again I am using the same library on both sides.
>  Rich ... Is escaped HTML valid in a UTF-8 encoded XML document ? Is the
>referenced escaping OK ?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Juan Carlos Cruellas [mailto:cruellas@ac.upc.edu] 
>Sent: April 5, 2005 11:56 AM
>To: ed.shallow@rogers.com
>Subject: Re: [dss] XMLData opaqueness ?
>Your suggestion is to escape all the '<' and '>' so that in plain words,
>within <XMLData> there is not xml any more but a String coming from the
>serialization of a XML document or subtree where '<' and '>' have been
>I have a doubt: are we sure that any parser would be able to correctly undo
>the escape operations? I mean, what if within the original XML document
>there are '<' or '>' escaped documents as text (ie, as characters of the
>text content of certain elements)?
>Are we sure that the parser at the receiver will be able to distinguish
>which escaped characters will have to unescape?
>Juan Carlos.
>Edward Shallow wrote:

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