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Subject: Core: text in section 3.5.8

Hi Juan Carlos
> I think that this text may be misleading. Specially the part
> that says:
> "In the case of an XML signature, the input document MUST be XML and 
> will be placed inside a <ds:Object> element"
> Somebody could understand that the protocol forbides the request
> of an enveloping XML signature of a binary document!!, which is
> something allowed by XMLDSIG.
> IMHO the two last sentences in the text could be
> taken away, as anybody knows how XMLDSIG envelopes the signed documents,
> and how a enveloping CMS signature does the same, and trying to
> re-explain in two sentences what is developed in other
> standards sometimes generates unnecessary noise.....
I think it's important to explain how the DSS inputs are converted into 
an enveloping signature.  To cover the case of enveloping binary inputs,
maybe we should add explicit text about how to set the Object's MimeType
and Encoding in that case?

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