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Subject: Groups - DSS TC conference call modified

DSS TC conference call has been modified by Juan Carlos Cruellas

Date:  Monday, 02 May 2005
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm ET

Event Description:
Dialing details (hosted by RSA): 
Phone number: +1-203-369-9739
Passcode: 454325.

Agenda for OASIS DSS TC.
Date:  Monday, 02 May 2005
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm ET

1. Welcome by chair (Juan Carlos Cruellas)

2. Confirm conference call minute taker (Krishna Yelleppedi)

3. Roll Call

4. Approval of agenda

5. Approval of minutes of 04 April and 18 April 05

6. Outstanding Actions Review

7. Documents' editorship:

   - Core (and Comments tracking document).
   - Timestamping profile.

   - Roadmap.

8. Upcoming Profiles

   - Signature gateway profile (Glenn)

   - Timestamp profile update for managing nested time-stamps (Dimitri)

   - Reports regarding any progress on other profiles

9. Issues on the core and profiles maintenance

    9.1 Presentation of the Comments Tracking document.
        Provisional list of comments:

	. XMLData encoding issue
	. Exclusive canonicalization
	. Unique Particle attribution
	. Ambiguity in section 3.5.8
        . New comment on XPath expression's comment. 

10. Interoperability testing

11. Date of Next meeting. Proposal for 16th May 2005

12. Any other business

13. Close

Outstanding Actions:

ction 05-02-07-01 [New Editor] Add section on upcoming Profiles to Roadmap Document.

Action 05-04-04-2 : Konrad's core suggestions. Response to be rephrased by JC in light of the wider "opaqueness" discussion.  

Action 05-04-04-4 : Nick : draft a response to IPR question

Action 05-04-04-5 : all : take a look at the ambigious sentence in section 3.5.8

Action 05-04-04-6 : JC, Ed, Andreas : List of topics to be adressed in InterOP testing

Action 05-04-04-7 : Nick, JC : draw a plan of an InterOP timetable

Action 05-04-04-9 : all : Volunteers for the roles of core , timestamp and roadmap editor should contact the chairs

Action 05-04-18-01 [JC, Ed, and Dimitri] Ed to clarify Timestamp verification and updating in the EPM profile. 
JC to confirm if any clarifications required in XAdES. Dimitri to pick up and suggest any required core clarifications.

Action 05-04-18-02, chairs to consult with Hal (and OASIS protocol) as to appropriate process for nomination, 
voting, proposer, seconder, election, and ratification.

Action 05-04-18-03 [chairs] Confirm status of editorship and handling of the Roadmap document.

Action 05-04-18-04 [JC and Ed] JC to take a shot at some text which will form the recommended change to the core.
Ed to review and feedback. 

New Action item 05-04-18-05 [JC] JC to submit question to list and solicit feedback re: 
use of dss:AnyType versus xs:Any as it pertains to namespace collision avoidance

Action 05-04-18-06 [JC] JC to send eMail to Stefan briefing him on the section 3.5.8 issue.

Action 05-04-18-07 [Nick and JC] Nick and JC to schedule and conduct conference call with Stefan to go over numerous 
outstanding issues and challenges surrounding take-up of core and comments document editorship.


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SUMMARY:DSS TC conference call
DESCRIPTION:Dialing details (hosted by RSA): \nPhone number:
  +1-203-369-9739\nPasscode: 454325.\n\nGroup: OASIS Digital Signature
  Services (DSS) TC\nCreator: Juan Carlos Cruellas

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