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Subject: Re: [dss] Action 05-04-18-05: use of xs:any

Dear Juan Carlos and all,

Juan Carlos Cruellas schrieb:

> 1. The approach suggested by Konrad: use
> <xs:any namespace="#other" processContents="lax"/>
> [...] In case that in the future
> some of the choices could be another element of the core not
> present in the list of choices at that moment, it would be
> necessary to change the xml schema and add an explicit
> mention to that element. We should also make sure that any
> profile profiling the contents of one of this choices by
> adding new elements, should have its own namespace.

The main reason why I would prefer this solution (1.) is that it is more
restrictive and hence will increase interoperability successfully and
decrease the possibility of wrong requests.

It further allows a clear distinction between optionl inputs, outputs
and between sign and verify requests.

> 2. To use the <dss:AnyType> already defined in the core.
> This avoids any consideration about the namespace of its
> contents, but introduces a new level in the xml tree....

dss:AnyType is a complexType as far as I know.

Hence something like
<xs:element name="Extension" ref="dss:AnyType"/>
<xs:element name="Any" ref="dss:AnyType"/>
or the use of XMLData or the like would be required.

Is that what you meant?

best regards


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