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Subject: RE: ResponseBaseType and profiles



Is it practical to implement the Core with all forms of signature and transport data to the server?  I would suggest rather we define two  "baseline" profiles on for CMS the other for XML using perhaps SOAP with data carried as a MIME object.





-----Original Message-----
From: Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas [mailto:carlos@gonzalez.name]
Sent: 11 March 2007 16:04
To: Pope, Nick; Juan Carlos Cruellas
Subject: dss:ResponseBaseType and profiles


Nick, Juan Carlos,

The response base type (dss:ResponseBaseType) requires to include the profile. Which value is expected for responses produced by servers that implement only core (no profiles) ?.

In my opinion, this attribute should be optional, as in its analogous type dss:RequestBaseType.



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