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Subject: PartyIdType 1.0.2

Concerning: OASIS ebCore Party Id Type Technical Specification Version 1.0, Committee Draft 02

Dear all,

I have read the draft of "OASIS ebCore Party Id Type Technical Specification Version 1.0" with great interest. This specification fills a gap in eCommerce by defining explicit URN namespaces for unique business identifiers and is therefore a very important contribution to the eBusiness community.

Attached I send you a version of the document which contains my proposals for an update of the specification. They can be summarized as follows:

  • Correction of a few typos

  • The current version is limiting the scope of the application of the according URNs where the scheme-identifiers are syntactically separated from the specific business identifier, i.e. where the scheme-identifier is included as a value in the attribute of an XML-tag and the specific business identifier is included in the body of the tag.
    This limitation seems unnecessary; with few amendments to the specification a joining of the scheme-identifer and the specific business identifier can also be allowed, i.e. the specific business identifier being a part of the URN is also made possible. These amendments broaden the range of applications where the according URNs can be used.
    Examples are:

    • Inclusion in X.509 certificates (e.g. as serialNumber attribute in the Distinguished Name of the certificate holder)

    • Inclusion as value of an HTTP-header (e.g. in an AS2 sender and recipient address)

    • Usage as input for URN-resolvers

    • etc.

Best regards,

    Adrian Mueller

ID Cyber-Identity Ltd

ID Cyber-Identity Ltd
Technoparkstr. 1
8005 Zuerich

phone  +41 44 500 50 94
mobile +41 79 502 53 45 


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