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Subject: Broken reference link in CPPA v3.0 CS01

Hi EbCore TC membersÂand others,

In preparing the Committee Specification 01 (CS01) for publication, we noted that one of the non-normative reference links is no longer valid.

-Â[ENTSOGAS4] Â Â Â ÂENTSOG AS4 Usage Profile for TSOs. https://entsog.eu/publications/common-data-exchange-solutions#AS4-USAGE-PROFILE

We attempted to find a current link for this broken reference. The closest noted is:
- https://entsog.eu/sites/default/files/2018-10/INT0488-170328%20AS4%20Usage%20Profile_Rev_3.5_0.pdf

We also noted several groups of AS4-related documents on the ENTSOG site:
- https://entsog.eu/interoperability-and-data-exchange-nc#as4-documents-for-implementation
- https://entsog.eu/interoperability-and-data-exchange-nc#as4-supporting-documents
- https://entsog.eu/interoperability-and-data-exchange-nc#as4-questions-and-answers

Note that for potentialÂlater publicationÂas an OASIS Standard, all reference linksÂmust be valid at the time of publication.

We expect to announce the publication of the completed CS01 shortly.

Best regards,
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society

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