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ebcore message

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Subject: Meeting notes from our meeting today

Notes from our ebCORE meeting today:

Ernst Jan

We deferred the CPA discussion until Dale is able to join the call. We
identified a number of agenda items to keep as a running list of issues
to discuss at our meetings so we don't lose track of them. The list is
as follows (in no particular order):

Standing Agenda items:
1. CPA
2. Spec links not on OASIS pages (Ian will work with OASIS)
3. Status on IIC work
4. Draft brochure on 10 top reasons to use ebXML (David to create
draft). White paper that we did would be a good resource for this.

Please send additional items for the agendas. 

Our next meeting is February 6th at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Telecon

The telecon number and password:
USA toll: 1-303-632-3052
USA Toll free: 888-499-2539
PARTICIPANT PASSCODE (same for all countries): 7627600

NETHERLANDS Caller Paid  0-20-2061565                 
NETHERLANDS Toll-Free      0800-022-8641     

For other countries please contact Kathryn Breininger directly.

Thank you all for calling into our meeting today!


Kathryn Breininger
Manager, Release & Delivery Services
CIMS - Center for Information Management Services

MC 62-LC
425-965-0242 desk
425-512-4281 cell
425-237-4582 fax

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