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ebcore message

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Subject: DRAFT Minutes, ebCore, Friday June 12, 2009

Please correct or make additions to the list or Kathryn as needed. Dale Moberg, co-chair presiding at this meeting.












Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht

Kathryn Breininger



Agenda at .


The ebXML brochure review was conducted. David included Pim’s recent comments and suggestions but the TC discussed two issues concerning language.


First, the discussion of compatibility was replaced by discussion of how the conformance profiles enabled software to operate transparently with either ebMS 2 or 3, despite wire differences arising from using different versions of SOAP or different header syntax. So migration from ebMS 2 connections to a mix of ebMS 2 and 3 is transparent to the end user.


Second, the cost effective claim was reworded to clarify the intended meaning.


Ian moved to approve David Webber’s contributed brochure as an approved document of the TC, and Pim seconded the motion. Following a discussion period, the TC approved the motion without objection.


David will also do some publicity and format finalization with the help of OASIS personnel.


News of various adoptions and impacts of ebXML was relayed and the meeting adjourned.


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