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Subject: [ebcore] Notes of ebCore TC CPPA SC meeting (2009-11-6)

Notes of ebCore TC CPPA SC meeting (2009-10-23)

Dale Moberg
Pim van der Eijk
Sander Fieten

Pete Wenzel


Action item review

- CPPA v3.0 Schema:  this is now posted in the SC section
- Issues:  a JIRA has been set up for the ebCore TC, with
CPPA as a components.  Accounts have been set up for the TC


We discussed how we can most efficiently work on progressing
the specification.  Several options where discussed, and we
agreed that the best way seems to be to use the JIRA issue
tracking mechanism.  This means that we need to convert the
existing issue list to JIRA issues, add missing issues.  The
JIRA is set up, so we can start tracking the first issues by
the next meeting.


Dale and Farrukh discussed extensibility and substitions on
the ebCore TC call.  There are two options, type
substitutions and element substitutions. Dale proposes, and
the SC agrees, that for negotiation element substitution
seems more appropriate.  This means that new functionality
(say, support for a new transport or docexchange) can be
done by defining elements for them.

Discussion of CPA and multihop will start continue at the
next meeting.

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