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Subject: Notes of ebCore TC CPPA SC meeting (2009-11-20)

Notes of ebCore TC CPPA SC meeting (2009-10-20)

Dale Moberg
Pim van der Eijk
Pete Wenzel

Sander Fieten


Issue EBCORE-1:

CPA had a global value for all asynchronous signal messages,
based on the assumption that signals would have share the
same value in a CPA, unlike business messages.  The issue
arose because even in CPA 2.0 this is not true: different
action bindings can have different values for
AckSignatureRequested, so if acknowledgments are
asynchronous, some are to be signed and others not.  The
proposed solution from the email archives was to have a new
subelement that could be added to an action binding to
specify a channel for signals related to that action.  

In the discussion we talked about an even more flexible
mechanism, to have a new repeatable element that can be used
to define channels for specific types of messages related to
the business message.  If the "type" is expressed as an
attribute, we could use some predefined values for this
attribute to specify separate channels for all sorts of WS-*
signals (acknowledgments, SOAP faults) and ebMS signals
(errors, receipts).  We could use the convention of
predefined URIs for synchronous response (anonymous EPR) as
an alternative to syncReplyMode.

Other topics:

Dale and Pete will post their (overlapping) issue to JIRA.  

Next call two weeks from now.

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