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Subject: Semantic alignment support in CPPA

Hi Dale,

Can you tell me what I need to read for background regarding semantic 
alignment support in CPPA.
in RegRep 4 we have an OWL profile 2.0 which supports semantic alignment 
via the RegRep query interface.

An example use case in weather domain that I am familiar with is:

Find all datasets that have a dataset field matching specified fieldname 
OR any other field name that is semantically similar to specified 
fieldname WHERE similarity threshold may be specified as a float value 
between 0.0 (no similarity) and 1.0 (completely synonymity).

The capability uses domain ontologies along with alignment ontologies to 
determine similar terms.

Does this sort of functional sound relevant?

On 02/22/2010 05:05 PM, Moberg Dale wrote:
> Agenda items addition:
> semantic alignment support in CPPA. reuse ebBP type? is anything from
> registry relevant? what in CCTS and related repositories might be
> referenced as part of a documentation for semantic agreements? are
> implementation guides needed? test constraints (like xslt xquery
> schematron or cam documents that in effect constitute agreements on some
> aspect of semantics?
> how can all these varied materials be documented consisely and
> accurately?


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