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Subject: PartyId Type remark

Title: PartyId Type remark

The remark I tried to explain on last Friday’s call is about the general structure of the URN that’s being specified. As I already mentioned in my earlier e-mail about the first draft the general scheme looks like urn:oasis:tc:ebcore:partyid-type:[<catalog-identifier>:]<scheme-id within catalog>. The section on forming URN’s based on the ISO6523 scheme are not [all] consistent with this scheme.

Furthermore I think this general scheme can be used generally and not restricted to the three schemes currently defined in the draft. This would allow greater flexibility. For example this allows easy extension to government regulated schemes, like personal or businesses identification numbers. If we don’t want to create an “open ended” scheme, I think it can be usefull to add a category for such government regulated naming schemes.


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