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Subject: NIEM Tools domain dictionary pack and spreadsheets available for CAM v1.8

As part of the NIEM Tools for CAM the first release of dictionary pack ZIP for CAM v1.8 is now available from the Sourceforge files directory folder "Dictionaries": 

The pack contains the 10 main NIEM domains plus NIEM Core along with an introduction PDF that documents the main concepts. 

There is an example blueprint for an Immigration domain exchange, along with tips and tricks for using the dictionaries and blueprints. 

You can open the example blueprint provided in the CAM editor - run the expander tool with the immigration dictionary control file - and produce the completed exchange schema. The tips and tricks file details the different expander techniques that are illustrated in the example. 

Once complete you can generate your exchange XSD schema, example XML files and business rules documentation. Examples are provided (these capabilities are part of the supporting NIEM IEPD Tools in the CAM editor).

The spreadsheet versions of the dictionaries allow you to quickly locate components for including into your own NIEM blueprints. 

We anticipate that following this approach other domain dictionaries can now be released including for OASIS data standards such as UBL.

Thanks, DW

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