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Subject: Notes ebCore Friday May 28 meeting (draft)






> Draft agenda:
> 1. ebBP ontology discussion
> 2. CPPA feedback for Pim
> 3. Any other pending issues
> 4. Other items?

Most of our discussion was on the ebBP ontology agenda item, and how an
OWL2 ontology for ebBP might be connected to enhancing parts of ebXML

Some of the options considered were:

1. Registry has a Profile for OWL ontologies and so might be interested
in such an ontology.

2. UMM has been seen as one possible foundation for ebBP, and it might
be useful to provide an OWL2 ontology foundation for ebBP also.

3. The ontology might be used in tools to evaluate aspects of the
correctness of a given business process model.

4. The ontology might provide enhancements to ebBP for a possible future

The submission of the ontology to ebCore is still in need of some IP
clarification but if the issues are resolved, the question of how the
ontology would be used by ebXML users and how it would relate to
enhancing existing specification usage can be considered. 

Additional comment and other options for the use of a business process
ontology within ebXML are welcome.

The second agenda item was briefly discussed, and Pim said that once the
advanced features of ebMS 3 is resolved, one additional task will be to
update configurations for intermediaries and for the advanced functions
that have been specified.

No other new business was mentioned.

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