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ebcore message

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Subject: ebCore Meeting Notes-- please suggest corrections or additions.

ebCore Meeting

10 July 2010












Meeting quorate (4 out of 7)

Pim reviewed the status of the Party-ID Type document. In addition to adopting the change suggested in a comment in the last public review, Pim had added another requested feature in section 2.7, had aligned with ISO 200022 conventions, and added an XBRL example. After discussion, the TC members found the changes to be improvements. Pim moved that the TC adopt the current working draft as committee draft 3. Farrukh seconded. The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Pim will prepare the document versions to reflect their status as committee draft 3. In preparation for moving the draft to committee specification status, Pim moved that the committee draft be submitted for a short (15 day) public review. Sander: seconded Pim’s motion. The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Finally following a brief discussion, the TC entertained a further motion by Pim: If no comments are received on committee draft 3 during its public review, the chair or co-chair is instructed to initiate a public ballot for approval of committee draft 3 as an ebCore committee specification. Farrukh seconded this motion. Following discussion, the motion was passed unanimously.

The chairs will work with Oasis representatives to initiate the second and short public review of committee draft 3. Pim as editor will submit the package of documents needed for this review.


Draft notes submitted by co-chair Dale Moberg who presided in Kathryn’s absence.

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