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Subject: RE: [ebcore] Meeting tomorrow?


We met before the summer holidays and agreed that, if there
were no comments to discuss,  the Chair or Co-Chair would
contact OASIS TD Admin to set up a ballot for Committee
Specification for the ebCore Party Id Type specification:

Since there were no comments in the second public review, we
don't need to have a meeting and can have the electronic
ballot right away.  

Two topics I would like to discuss at some point,  but not
necessarily today, are:

1)  It looks like the ebXML Messaging TC will put out some
Committee Specifications for OASIS Standard vote later this
Do we want to add the ebCore Party Id Type to that series?
2)  There is some end user interest in using ebXML registry
with CPP or CPA templates.  The end user asked me about best
practices and experience in other communities.  I've been
discussing this off-line with Farrukh and Dale and we may
come back on this later.

So to sum up no need to have a meeting today as far as I'm


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From: Breininger, Kathryn R
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Subject: [ebcore] Meeting tomorrow?
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Do we have agenda items to discuss for our meeting tomorrow
(Sept. 17th) or should we cancel?

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Product Standards Office Boeing Research & Technology The
Boeing Company

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