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Subject: Receipts and Delivery Notifications

At the request of some standards users I wrote an overview document on receipt and delivery notifications in B2B.  It explains and compares concepts like reliable messaging (message-based and sequence-based), non-repudiation of receipt, signature confirmations, business signals, intermediaries and acknowledgments (in SOAP and in Multi-Corner models) and discusses ebMS 2.0, 3.0, AS2 MDNs, AS4 receipts, ETSI REM, ebBP Signals, WS-ReliableMessaging and the UN/CEFACT UMM. 
I was thinking that this document might be of interest to a larger audience.  In itself, there is nothing new in this document,  so it is not a standards document.  However, OASIS has a concept called Committee Notes and the ebCore charter has a reference to "adjunct documents complementing existing specifications", and this document might fit that profile. 
Any views or opinions?

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