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Subject: RE: [ebcore] Initial Working Draft level starter document for Receipt and Delivery Notifications Version 1.0

My intention was to reformat my private draft using the new CN template,  but due to an issue with the template I cannot use it right now. As today was basically the only day I could work on this before our TC meeting next week,  I am sending my private draft (which used the template based on the CS template) to the list.  Any future work can be done using the CN template,  once it is ready for use.
As a reminder, I initially wrote this document as background documentation for some end user communities that are working on document exchange protocols,  but it could be more generally useful.

From: Paul Knight [mailto:paul.knight@oasis-open.org]
Sent: 31 July 2011 23:07
To: ebcore@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebcore] Initial Working Draft level starter document for Receipt and Delivery Notifications Version 1.0

Per the TC's submission request [1], please find the
attached starter document for:

Receipt and Delivery Notifications Version 1.0
WP-abbrev: rdn

The expected URI pattern:


This is the first instance in which this Non-Standards Track Work Product 
template has been constructed in the OpenOffice Writer ODT format, 
and I would like to hear about any issues you may encounter with it.
Please let me know if anything here fails to meet your expectations.

Further revisions to this Work Product must be maintained
in Working Drafts, following procedures detailed in the TC
Handbook [2].

Working Drafts should be made available by uploading the
document(s) to the TC's Kavi document repository, or
(provisionally/temporarily) to the TC's Subversion (SVN)
repository, if SVN has been activated for your TC [3].  TCs
are encouraged to use ZIP packaging when the WD releases
contain multiple files (and directories).

For each WD revision, you will need to:

1) increment the Working Draft revision (number) from 01 to 02, 03,
04 etc., as successive Working Drafts are produced; the revision
number needs to be updated at the top of the document in the
stage identifier (Working Draft ##) and in the document identifier
within the page footer.

2) supply the relevant publication/release/upload date for each
successive Working Draft instance, using the  prescribed date
format: DD Month YYYY; the date needs to be updated at the
top of the document (just below the stage identifier, Working
Draft ##) and in the page footer.

3) provide suitable text for a document Abstract, updating this
summary with successive revisions to provide an accurate
description of the subject matter, goals, scope, etc.

4) keep the Acknowledgments (Appendix A) and Revision
History (Appendix C) up-to-date with each WD revision.

5) consult the OASIS Naming Directives document when
creating new artifacts that may be part of the Work Product
(e.g., image files, XML schemas), observing the rules for
name characters in files and proposed directories, and for
proposed URIs/namespaces [4].

When the TC votes [5] to approve a Working Draft as a
Committee Draft (CSD or CND), the Chair or other designated
person must submit a "Committee Specification Draft Creation
and Upload Request" accessible on the TC Administration
Requests Page [6].  Upon receipt of this form, the TC
Administrator will QC and process the Work Product for
official publication in the OASIS Library as a Committee Draft
(http://docs.oasis-open.org/), including addition of the
requisite cover page metadata and other boilerplate
information, as described in the TC Handbook. [7]

=========== References:

[1] http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/TCADMIN-604

[2] Working Drafts

[3] SVN Version control, via Tools

[4] OASIS Naming Directives

[5] Approval of a WD as a CD (CSD or CND)

[6] TC Administration Requests Page, see
    Committee Specification Draft Creation / Upload Request

[7] Committee Specification Drafts and Committee Note Drafts

Best wishes,

Paul Knight  - Tel: +1 781-861-1013
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society
Document Process Analyst

Notifications of Receipt and Delivery-0.2.odt

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