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Subject: ebCore TC next steps

Dear all,

The ebCore TC has not met for a long time but is working on some new deliverables, including:

1) an Agreement Update specification, mainly intended to support message-based exchange of certificates for certificate rollover. The latest version fixes some minor editorial issues and provides the last outstanding content (a table of standard errors). Several of you already provided some input, which is incorporated in the latest version that is available from:

This is a relatively simple and straightforward specification for a relatively easy-to-grasp problem. A number of user communities internationally that are using ebMS2/ebMS3/AS4 would like to have a solution before an upcoming certificate switch in their communities, and are pushing for a specification to be standardized in OASIS (at least to Committee Specification) so they can request their vendors to implement it in time. I am wondering if you think more work is needed on this specification, what issues or questions you see for it, or whether you think it could be progressed to CSD and public review fairly soon?

2) CPPA3, a new major version of CPP and CPA to support ebMS2, ebMS3, AS4, AS1, AS2 and AS3. This work has been ongoing since 2007, put on hold for some years while waiting for related specifications to be completed and more established in the market, and the business case to be established. That time has now come. OASIS is also planning to facilitate the co-development of specifications and open source sample implementations. For CPPA3, such an open source implementation (one that unifies two CPP3s into a CPA3) is being worked on and complements the specification nicely. This is a much bigger topic that needs more input and discussion to progress. The latest version of the specification is available from:

Apart from these topics, there may be other topics that need discussion. For example, is there any interest in additional RegRep profiles or enhancements?

I'm interested in your views in having a teleconference meeting for this TC in the upcoming period. Is it useful? If yes, what time would fit you? With members in incompatible timezones, it is difficult to see what time would work as we have participants in incompatible timezones. One idea is a UBL-TC style split meeting on two times, to cover all your time zones. I can provide global dial in numbers for any meeting. Initially this could be just for an incidental meeting, we could then discuss if regular meetings are needed. OASIS TCs do not need to have meetings and can conduct business asynchronously, and if possible that is a model than many people prefer. Please let me know your feedback (to the list, or privately to me) on how to proceed.

Kind Regards,


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