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ebcore message

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Subject: CPPA3 updates

Dear all,

I just uploaded revision #14 of the ebCore CPPA3 schema and a new WD05 of the ebCore CPPA3 specification, which covers the schema updates #13 and #14. These provide close to full support for ebMS2, ebMS3 including the AS4 profile and the Part 2, Advanced Features and SAML profile specifications (with some help from its editor, former OASIS ebMS TC member Ian Otto) and EDIINT (with help from Dale Moberg).

Apart from completing the functional coverage, the recent updates make it easier to write succinct CPAs that are easy to maintain and easy to process. Also, the updates make it easy to express use of, and possible minor deviations from, message profiles. E.g. to express that an exchange implements a particular AS4 profile, except for one parameter. A new feature in CPPA3 is explicit delegation. This allows a party to express that a third party sends, or receives, messages on its behalf. It can be mixed freely with messaging types of communication.

In parallel, outside OASIS, I've updated the open source cppa3 library, available at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cppa3, which closely follows the spec and schema (and has helped to prevent or fix a lot of issues). The main module of the library is a "unify.py" module, which is a complete sample implementation of the unification algorithm defined in section 3 of the specification. Another module that was improved and extended is the "profile.py" module. This module can take and apply definitions of profiles (e.g. particular AS4 profiles) as defaults, and expand a provided CPPA3 document that has references to these definitions, allowing for any overrides desired.

The library comes with an extensive set of (currently 271) regression tests. The tests include CPP and CPA samples showcasing all the features in the schema and of the library. So anyone not interested in the library may still find the test suite of interest. Among these tests are samples for the ENTSOG and e-SENS/CEF AS4 profiles.

Any and all feedback welcome.

Kind Regards,


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