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Subject: Re: [ebcore] Informal ebCore meeting and next steps for CPPA3

On 29-06-17 16:03, Pim van der Eijk wrote:
Currently known open items are:
-   X.509 and PKI support (see previous email) in schema and specification
-   Conformance section in specification

The first of these issues has been addressed in an update to the schema and specification that I will upload in a week or so.  There are two types of additions:

1) Support for certificate policies.
2) Support for constraints on presence of leaf certificates

On the first,  the draft schema optionally include certificate policy sets,  which contain policies identified by OID. 



These sets can be refenced in CPPs for use with signing,  encryption, client or server TLS.   For example,  a party can express a reference to a set of policies to be used for signing certificates using a SigningCertificatePolicySetRef.


On the second,  I'm proposing additional elements to allow parties to express whether specific types of leaf certificates are expected to be specified for particular channels or transports. These constraints can be validated in CPA formation.  As the constraints may vary from certificate type to type,  from channel to channel and from transport to transport,  they can be specified at separately for the concerned channels or transports. 

Each of the types can has specified reasonable default values in processing,  so that CPPA3 documents that do not use any of the features are not unnecessarily complicated and can be very succinct.    This feature provides a lot of flexibility for expressing different capabilities of messaging protocols, profiles and implementations.   It allows many common types of profiling to be expressed in a machine-readable format. 

Comments always welcome ...

Kind Regards,


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