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Subject: Re: [ebcore] Groups - cppa3-specification uploaded

Hi Dale,

Thanks for your response.

On 30-09-18 22:12, Dale Moberg wrote:
While other API-style messaging protocols (such as OData) have emerged, they have their own approach to metadata utilization and configuration and probably not in need of partner coordination, negotiation and related adjustments.

I thought about extending in this direction, I agree it is not the most obvious target for this specification. If someone with expertise in this area wants to volunteer to look at it, we could certainly discuss it. The schema has many lower-level building blocks (channels, transports etc.) that could be reused and extensibility at all levels. Another feature for the future would be an alternative JSON schema.

My last examination of the project was about a half year ago, and I noted that the packaging stuff had dropped out, which is OK with me because messaging protocols seem to have dug into this level of detail as needed, and very little bilateral or community customization of packaging seems to be adopted.

There is still some support for packaging but it is indeed much simplified compared to V2. One reason is that the packaging often follows from application of message protocol features (e.g. S/MIME enveloping is controlled by use of message signing), so it does / should not need to be specified redundantly. A second is that I've added an abstract payload profile element, inspired by but not limited to ebMS3, which allows specifying payload constraints (e.g. schemas) but is separate from (though linkable to) packaging.

It is good to see the other ASxxx protocols treated, especially AS2.

Yes, we've had interest from AS2 users in the past, and a multi-protocol CPPA3 could help in migrations to newer protocols in the future. Another useful new feature is the concept of delegation channels.

Kind Regards,


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