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Subject: Groups - cppa3-specification uploaded

Submitter's message
This is a draft update for the CPPA3 specification.

The main change is that chapter 5, which covers CPPA3 Discovery and Registration, is now complete. It consists of three parts:
- A minimal profile of OASIS BDX Location, to locate CPPA3 profile documents.
- A protocol to retrieve CPPA3 profile documents using HTTP/REST.
- A protocol to register CPPA3 agreement documents.

The first two of these were in a previous version, the third is completely new.

As no additional features are planned, the content has been stable for quite some time, and there is some user interest,
it would be useful if you could start reviewing this specification.

I have separately uploaded the latest XSD, HTML schema documentation and will also upload some updated samples.

Best wishes for 2019 and hopefully 2019 will be the year that this long overdue work item can be completed.


-- Mr. Pim van der Eijk
Document Name: cppa3-specification

Specification (in ODF) of the CPPA3 schema and unification and matching

WD 12, 2018-12-27

Updated extensibility example for Avian Carrier.

Also added a second extensibility that uses OASIS CIQ to specify the party

Handled some schema changes for compression and split/join.

Include AlternateChannelId to list of indirectly used channels.

New chapter 5.4 for CPPA3 Agreement Registration Service and corresponding
Conformance Targets

WD 11, 2018-09-28

Added conformance clauses for metadata service location and metadata
service, for client and server implementations.
Added reference for TLS 1.3.
Changed the extensibility example from JSON RPC to Avian Carrier.

WD 10, 2018-03-20, new chapter 5

- Describe use of the authorization attributes to control visibility in
section 2.2.13.
- Changed the order of two appendices
- Added Citation Format.
- New chapter 5, CPPA3 Metadata Service Location and Metadata Service. It
describes the use of the BDX Location standard for service location and
provides an HTTP-based metadata service binding to retrieve CPPA3 CPPs. The
CPPA3 authorization/visibility features allow a party to constrain access
to (parts of) a CPP to its authorized counterparties.

WD 09, 2017-11-16, many updates and improvements

- Describe matching and delegation in extended section 4.10.
- Describe matching and authorization in new section 4.4.

- Descriptions of added extensibility elements and types.

Payload Profiling:
- Update to allow alternative payload profile references
- Describing how unification and matching of PayloadProfileId elements

- Examples adapted for removal of DataEncryption container.

New AMQP messaging support:
- AMQP messaging, transport and security.
- SASL feature for AMQP.

- New WebSocket transport support.
- New AMQP transport
- New SFTP transport.
- Note that a Transport is required to have an Endpoint after unification.

Security tokens:
- SSH key support for SFTP

TLS improvements:
- STARTTLS feature added.
- TLS 1.2 Server Name Indication feature.

Extensive documentation of sample extensions in new appendices.

WD 08, 2017-08-25
- New "match" algorithm, described in a new section 4.

WD 07, 2017-07-26
- Updated S/MIME reference to current 3.2 version, relevant for ebMS2.
- When matching service specifications, presence and values of ebBP
attributes must match.
- TrustAnchor renamed to TrustAnchorSet.
- *TrustAnchorRef renamed to *TrustAnchorSetRef
- CanonicalizationMethodadded to unification of CanonicalizationMethod and
*CertificateRef is covered only in X.509 section.
- New *CertificateRequired elements in schema #19.
- Definition of validity in section 2.3.1
- New conformance section 4.
- Different channel types are listed in 2.2.7.

WD06 2017-04-02
Schema #15 (2017-03-27) and #16 (2017-04-02):
- New chapter 2.3.4 on schema extensibility.
- Description of IPv4 and IPv6 support features and related constraints in
unification in new section 3.4.16.
- ?Certification Authority?, naming consistency.
- ?Content Coding? support for HTTP.
- ?HTTP Version? support for HTTP.
- Editorial.
- Fixed some missing coverage of elements in 3.4.2.
- Added bibliographic entries for FTP and SMTP RFCs and MTOM and XOP W3C

WD05 2017-03-19
- IETF and W3C references taken from OASIS lists at
- Updated HTTP 1.1 reference from obsolete IETF 2616 to RFC 7230.
- Note that activation and expiration of CPPs must be synchronized with
validity interval of certificates.

- Updates for schema revision #13:
- CompressionType sub-element instead of attribute.
- New optional element SignatureFormat, added for EDIINT.
- New elements AS1Channel, AS2Channel, AS3Channel. Easier for conformance
clauses than EDIINTChannel, and functionality is slightly different beyond
- New section 2.3.3 on bibliographic references in XML Schema.
- New section 3.4.25 on WS-A From. (Unlikely requirement, but completes
coverage of Web Services specifications).
- New section 3.4.26 on intervals for transport restart and for joining.

Schema #14
- New section 2.2.8 on the new CPPA3 delegation feature.
- New section 3.4.12 on unification for delegation.
- Removed the Compressed* elements, and Compression is now just another
- New CertificateDefaults element.

WD04, 2017-01-31
Describe updates and new features in schema revisions #9 to #12:
- SAML token and SAMLKeyConfirmed­SubjectToken.
- IDP registrations and set of and references to registrations.
- CA defined as Certification Authority
- Some missing bibliographic references added.
- Editorial.

WD03, 2016-12-17
Describe some new features in the schema, and impact on formation:
- Payload signing and encryption (schema #7)
- Authorization attributes (schema #8)
Some editorial fixes.

WD02 2016-11-01
Editorial fixes.
XKMS resolution in CPA formation.
Attribute unification.
AU is not a normative reference.
Start with support for the SAML conformance clause.
New href attribute on ProfileIdentifier for use in CPAs.
Clarified that some introductory sections are not normative.
Added WSS-Username-Token profile to references.
Described the ChannelProfile feature.

WDD01, 2016-10-02
First Draft
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Pim van der Eijk
Group: OASIS ebXML Core (ebCore) TC
Folder: Contributions
Date submitted: 2018-12-27 06:01:11
Revision: 11

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