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Subject: [cross posting removed] IBM BI-ICS


Thanks.  I know Scott and he is a *very* smart guy so it does not 
surprise me to see this coming out from him and IBM.  The approach is 
IMO the best way forward.  

The "Business area" sounds  bit more like the UN/CEFACT "Business 
Collaboration" area of the stack.  We first sussed this out in the ebXML 
Technical Architecture group (Scott participated in that group and was 
instrumental in delivering the first spec) but did not finish the work. 
 The idea was to address the policy, intent, etc that lives above each 
"process".  For example, you and I could have an agreement that allows 
you to use a "Business Process" to order coffee from me.  The 
"Collaboration" layer is a business view of the intent of how that will 
be done and used.  How many simultaneous conversations are allowed?  How 
much credit limit will you get?  IBM first developed these concepts in 
the CPP/A predecessor TPAML.

Regarding the Core Component methodology to build payloads, many groups 
are working on this and again, it does not surprise me to see someone 
leverage the work that has been done and finish it.  We (Adobe) are just 
finishing up a bit of work in this area too.  There are numerous 
advantages to doing this.  

Can't wait to see Scott slides.


Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>This morning at the XML.gov monthly meeting[1] I saw a presentation
>given by Scott Hinkleman of IBM on IBM's new "Business Integration -
>Information Conformance Standards (BI-ICS)" specification[2]. I found it
>quite interesting, and thought I'd provide a few comments here. Although
>not available as of this e-mail, the presentation should be available at
>the XML.gov site[3] within the next few days, if IBM does make it
>BI-ICS essentially lives at what IBM calls the "Business Level" of the
>Web Services stack, above "Service Composition" (where WS BPEL,
>WS-Transaction, etc. live). I know - it sounds like the "ebXML area" of
>the stack, so we might very well expect some overlap in this and future
>specs - as BI-ICS is apparently one of 4 planned "specification areas"
>for this "framework" (my own use of this term) which is as of yet
>Another area will be "Business Payload Composition", which - Scott
>Hinkleman stated - "has its roots in ebXML Core Components", and
>specifies a "context-driven approach" to payload composition (overlaps,
>anyone?). Scott did, however, state that BI-ICS is "not IBM's answer to
>IBM is soliciting interest in advancing BI-ICS to an open standards
>Let the discussions begin...
>Kind Regards,
>[1] http://xml.gov/agenda/20040317.htm
>[2] http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2004-02-02-a.html
>[3] http://xml.gov/presentations.asp
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Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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