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Subject: Nist SOA workshop attendance and other items.


So far I have you down as attending the NIST SOA workshop April 15 for 
this group.  Does anyone else plan on attending?  I believe it is 
important for this group to account for what transpires at this meeting. 
 There are several industry experts attending.  

Also - I wish to make a call for items to table during our first face to 
face.  We have some simple duties to perform such as appointing editors, 
getting specification templates, etc.  On our conference call this 
Friday we can finish planning the first meeting to maximize the time.  

IN general, a thorough review of the following documents is a good idea:

1. ebXML Technical Architecture v 1.04
2. UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture v 0.83 (I have a copy if anyone has 
trouble finding one).
3. Most recent version of ebXML Registry specs (v 2.5)
4. Most recent copy of UN/CEFACT ebXML Core Components specs (v 2.01)
5. ebXML BPSS v 1.01 and a quick review of the OASIS ebXML BP TC webpage
6. ebXML CPP/A v 2.0
7. ebXML Messaging v 2.0 and requirements for v 3.0.

Also - please note that the teleconference does not count as our first 
official meeting - it is for planning only.


Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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