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Subject: 20 reasons why web services are like Paris Hilton


The most irreverent answer!

#20 - everyone is talking about web services
#19 - there are more people thinking about web services than doing them
#18 - web service articles are everywhere in magazines - but noone is
          quite certain about the accuracy of the details in them
#17 - proven benefits of web services are hard to show but if people see
          you doing web services they will try and mingle in with your group
#16 - everyones trying to figure out how they can cash-in on web services
#15 - web services sound and look young, tight and amazing in the glossy
#14 - web services can change their look rapidly and without warning
#13 - everyone has their own ideas about how they'd like to do web services
#12 - its hard to describe to your neighbours what you are doing with web
#11 - people who are not really doing web services will say they are anyway
#10 - a lot of rich people and PR machines are behind web services
#9 - web services looks like its just life on a beach but in reality its
much more
        confusing and complex than that
#8 - the long term consequences of doing web services could result in some
       unforeseen side effects from things that might be revelled later that
       place earlier that you did not know about
#7 - getting a legal agreement before doing web services is really tough,
       most people are doing it anyway while they have the chance and
       hoping it will all be alright later
#6 - web services are all over the internet and in junk mail
#5 - web services are young, make a lot of noise, and some of the things
        they do are crude and shocking
#4 - doing things with web services probably means alot of late nights
        and having to fix up messy loose ends before someone notices
#3 - there is no standard way of doing web services but people will take
       anything that web services are doing and then sell them for as much
       as they can get
#2 - web services are trying to become things that they are not, but would
        like to be somehow
#1 - web services can do absolutely anything you want them to do - and in
        ways you never even thought possible.

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